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Solar System CochinSolar Systems Cochin

Solar Systems Cochin deals with complete solar solutions for Home, Offices even big factories. When you are thinking about a Solar system, your primary objective will be reducing the electricity bill and the same time escapes from the frequent power cuts in Kerala.We have perfect solutions to achieve this, and we can offer more than you even not think about so far.Our Solar System solutions, entirely based on high efficient transformer free Solar Inverters and High-Quality Solar Panels.Our  Solar Systems can take maximum out of the Solar Panels and save a lot of money in Electricity Bill.

Think Twice before Buying The Solar System

Most of the Solar System providers never disclose the actual technology behind the system or type of panels used in the Installation. Most of the clients never ask for that and instead of looking for the total initial cost reduction.They never know maybe a little bit higher price they can save double on the electricity bill and the long run it will return your investment in a higher rate.

We use Systems that utilize  MPPT based transformerless Solar Inverters for any of the projects.As an end user, you may never hear what is MPPT is. Let us explain to you.One of the trickiest parts of maximizing efficiency or output in a solar installation is dealing with variations in power output among panels because of the different levels of output coming Solar Panels.The irregularity in solar panel array output leads serious loss when converting to AC that is using your home or office equipment. MPPT Based Solar Systems in Cochin [maximum power point tracking]  to increase system efficiency from a holistic design perspective, providing an original balance of system strategy for solar system effectiveness and energy savings.

Run Your Load Directly from Solar and Save a Lot

POWER DIRECTLY FROM SOLAR SYSTEMTraditional Solar Inverters Charge the batteries first then run the load with the inverters. This kind of Solar Systems significantly reduced the savings because when the battery under charging all the load will run from the Grid. It means you have to pay for all the current usage of that time. We encounter several clients they opt for traditional solar inverters and never see significant changes in electricity bill. After investing a lot of money in Solar Systems, many customers realize they opt for the wrong system. Let’s See what we have to offer.

Technology often changes and keeps update is tough. Many Solar Companies in Cochin still sells old outdated Solar Inverters to customers. The Solar Inverters are not that old FAT boy anymore. Our Solar Systems are entirely transformerless and Slim and can attach to the wall. These designs increase the efficiency dramatically and Give Maximum output for your Investment. Our Solar Systems power your home directly from Solar Panels without using the battery power or using the electricity from Grid. What is it Mean? It means the power generated by the solar panel can use simultaneously for charging the batteries and running the load.It is where you saves a lot on Electricity bill with the solar systems.

Run All Equipment Under Solar Power

Run Ac fridge from Solar PowerMost of the people think there is a limitation on running all your electrical equipment under Solar. If you believe such a way then we have to say you are wrong. We will clarify it with a simple example. All of the people know Cochin Airport. Can you imagine the power requirement to run such an International Airport? Believe it or not, Cochin airport completely operating under Solar Power. Modern Solar Technology improves in such a way that an entire Airport is running under Solar Systems in Cochin.

Solar Cochin always up to date with new technology and offer top class Solar Power Systems to our customers.Whether it is Home Solar System or Office Solar System, we have the right solar solution to choose from. As one of the leading solar companies in Kerala, we deliver high-quality solar systems and solar panels to our customers.

Upgrade Your Solar System without throwing the Existing Equipment

Upgradable Solar System CochinChallenging part of most of the solar systems sold in Kerala are Easy Upgrading of Solar Inverters. Most of the time people tend to invest in smaller solar systems compared to actual power rating required. Customers are doing it in order to reduce the initial investment. Our Solar Systems allow you to start your savings on electricity bill with a smaller system and at the same time giving an opportunity to expand it without throwing away the existing Solar System. Our Solar inverters coming with the feature called parallel merging. Parallel Merging Allow the multiple inverters to merge together and giving a collective output. You may have the budget to go for 2000w Solar System. Parallel Merging allows you to upgrade the system whenever wanted.For Example, you can add anytime one more 2000w  system to make the total output to 4000w. You can connect up to 6 Solar Systems in Parallel merging.

Parallel Merging of Solar Inverters is an important feature because most of the Solar System companies in India offer upgradations of the system with Buy back option. Actually most of the time you end up paying for the actual value of the new system as Charges.

Solar Panels Cochin

Solar Panels CochinAnother important factor in an effective solar system is the Solar Panels. Everybody just sells solar panels. Nobody going to tell you what type of solar panels they are supplying.The most popular type of solar panels using in India is Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels.Among these two type of solar panels, Monocrystalline is the most efficient solar panels. We encourage our customers to choose the monocrystalline solar panels because of its efficiency and less space requirement compared to the polycrystalline solar panels.Sometimes your solar panel installation area is limited because of trees or small roof area. The Monocrystalline solar panels give you maximum output with minimum solar panel installation area.

Along with this factor, there is one more thing to consider. You may have enough space to deploy the solar panels. But maybe in the future, your power requirement from the solar increase and you may think for an upgrade. If all of your rooftops is filled with polycrystalline panels you end up drop the plan or replace the entire solar panels.Contact us today for choosing the right solar panel and right solar system for your home or office.

Solar System Installation Cochin

Solar System Installation CochinSolar Cochin Offer trouble free Solar System Installation in Cochin and All most all the District in Kerala. Our Service area Include Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kollam, Kottayam, Munnar, Palakkad, Malappuram, Idukki, Alappuzha, and Kozhikode.We have an outstanding Solar System Installation Team with a high level of experience. Our Technicians and Sales team Understand your requirements and offer best cost effective solar system to start your savings. Call us today and we will happy to assist you with all your concerns.