What is Solar Energy System

What is Solar Power System?

What is Solar SystemSolar Systems for homes and office are one of the best renewable energy available. In a solar power system, solar panels convert the sun’s light into electricity and that electricity can be used for powering home offices, and business. One Airport in India Called Cochin International Airport Completly operates under solar energy.In a solar panel consist of silicon cells convert the photons in sun’s ray to convert electricity.

The Solar Power Systems in practical use consist of several Elements.Let’s see what are the elements in the solar system and what exactly each element do.

Roof System [ Solar Roof Panels]

Solar Roof System CochinMost of the solar system applications in Kerala the solar panels are placed on the roof of the house or building. Actually, the solar roof system contains array of solar panels, club it together to achieve the desired power level required.The solar system is ideally installed in the roof area because states like Kerala with a lot of trees create shadows and that will affect the output of solar panels.The maximum output can be generated from solar panels is between 9 to 3 PM in this part of the world.The facing of the solar panel is also important to get the maximum sunlight. Depend on the geo location the direction may vary. Partially shadowed or inproperly placed solar panels can reduce the efficiency of the solar system to almost half. Experience solar system company like Solar Cochin use a special device to identify the best possible installation of panels.

Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is the main part of the Solar System. The solar inverter converts the DC Electricity generated by solar panels into 230 Volt Electricity. In an on-grid Solar System, this electricity is pass to the grid or use to run the load of home or office.The excess current generated by your solar system can be given to the grid and it can reduce your electricity bill almost completely.

In an off grid solar inverter, the electricity generated by the solar panels will be stored in a battery. Once the battery is charged full then the solar electricity can use to power the electrical load.The stored electricity can use in the night time or whenever the sunlight is minimum.

Storage Battery

The solar system can generate electricity whenever there is sunlight. Then what about the night time. This is where storage batteries come in to picture. The excess electricity generated by solar panels can be stored in a battery and it can use at the night time.

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